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Ryan Opaz of Catavino to Pancho Campo: "You just helped us all see how dirty it makes us feel."

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Ryan and Gabriela Opaz outside the Celler de la Boqueria wine shop.  
Photo: Gerry Dawes©2011 /
"Spain’s addiction to points helped create the mess that is the “Jay and Pancho Affair”.   They are just guilty as the person who brings the “point giver” in exchange for money, or the point giver who naively thinks he’s not involved.

Pancho, you’re helping the industry. We know the industry is full of “Languedoc Pinot Noir” and “La Mancha flavored Riojas.”

Many a critic as been paid to write a favorable article and I’m sure you’re not the first to try sell the opportunity for  points to a region.

You just helped us all see how dirty it makes us feel. You’re helping the industry to realize, or I would hope, that this whole imbalance of power that is given to the “point wielders” is wrong. Thank you.  

Read the rest of Ryan Opaz's blog post here.
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