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Food Vignettes: From Asturias, Three Emblematic Dishes

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 From Don Rockwell's Dining Blog (Washington, D.C.)

"Neighboring Asturias is another sleeper.  It has only a miniscule amount of wine, but great cider and a multitude of some of the best cheeses in the world and bean dishes like verdinas con mariscos (green flageolot-type beans cooked with crab, shrimp and/or clams) and fabada asturiana, along with arroz con leche (rice pudding) with a creme brulee-like caramelized crust.  

Then you add some of the most awesomely beautiful high mountain scenery and seashore in Spain, bucolic mountain villages saved by cheese making and colorful fishing ports and Asturias is a paradise, a place to get away from it all."

I have made this verdinas dish twice since I returned from Asturias.

Posted Image
Asturian verdinas con mariscos (beans cooked with shellfish), a dish made with beans
brought back from my recent trip to Asturias, crab legs, clams and shrimp. 11-11-2012.
Dish and photo by Gerry Dawes, 2012.

Posted Image
La Maquina restaurant's famous fabada asturiana, fabada bean stew with chorizo and morcilla.
Photo by Gerry Dawes©2011 /

Posted Image
La Maquina restaurant's arroz con leche, rice pudding with a caramelized crust.
Photo by Gerry Dawes©2011 /

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