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Warning: Beware of Rental Car Deals That Seem To Good To Be True

A warning about  There prices seem to good to be true.  They are.  They have you pay up front for what looks like a great deal.  I reserved and paid for a car to pick up at the Vigo airport in Galicia.  I was told it would be Europcar and it was.  When I got to Vigo and went to the counter to pick up my car, the lady at Europcar was very nice and very apologetic. She informed me that there would be a $70+ airport pickup charge that had to be put on my credit card.  So I paid the normal price and got no deal at only.  Also, it is very easy to get upgrades to a better, bigger car this days, since all the car companies are getting stuck with cars that use more gas or deisel, so they are glad to give you one.  The catch is it will cost you a chunk more in gas money!
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